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The US-Mexico Business Coalition (USMBC) is a group of companies with significant interests in Mexico and a substantial number of employees in the United States. USMBC is a Washington, DC-based organization providing a voice from industry before the U.S. and Mexican governments. We seek to emphasize the importance of the bilateral economic relationship and improve the evolving trade and investment between our two countries. Membership to the organization is comprised of corporations seeking to advocate polices that support job growth and a level playing-field in both countries.

$245 billion

in Bilateral Trade

In 2016, Mexico surpassed Canada as the second largest trade partner to the United States, increasing to $245 billion in bilateral trade.

5 million

American Jobs

Recent research conducted by the Wilson Center has found that 1 out of every 29 U.S. workers has a job supported by US-Mexico bilateral trade – nearly 5 million American jobs.

The time is more critical than ever for the business community and governments to work together to continually enhance this strong economic partnership. USMBC will encourage both the Mexican and U.S. Administrations to “right-size, improve, update, and strengthen” the relationship.


The US-Mexico Business Coalition will actively organize meetings, roundtables and events for its Members to facilitate direct dialogue with senior officials from both U.S. and Mexican Executive branches and Legislative bodies. The organization will develop policy papers and will serve as a substantive and active resource and partner to both governments to help strengthen the bilateral commercial relationship.

In addition to participating in organized meetings with officials from both governments, gaining access to all USMBC communications, and being listed on the organization’s website; member companies will have the ability to direct, shape and lead the organization.

USMBC will be corporate membership based and day-to-day operations will be run by an Executive Director.


Eric Stewart, Executive Director

Eric Stewart is a Partner with the Washington, DC firm of Williams & Jensen, PLLC. Mr. Stewart represents clients before the Administration, Congress and select foreign governments on a range of international and domestic policy matters. He also serves as the President of the American-Central European Business Association, the American-Lithuanian Business Council, the US-Poland Business Council, the US-Hungary Business Council and the American-Romanian Business Council, and as the Executive Director of the US Turkmenistan Business Council.

Previously, Mr. Stewart served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Europe at the U.S. Department of Commerce where he was responsible for developing programs, policies and strategies designed to strengthen the United States’ commercial position in Europe. Mr. Stewart directed the Department’s activities on trade, commerce, compliance and investment policies for more than 50 countries (including European Commission and 25 EU countries, Turkey, Russia and the Independent States) in the region. Mr. Stewart served as the Acting Assistant Secretary and was granted top secret security clearance.


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